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Assault Injuries By Caregivers And Authority Figures

There are those whom we hold in high regard — people we entrust with our problems, our children, our health. Individuals such as church clergy, Boy Scout and Girl Scout leaders, hospice care workers, health care workers and others are for the most part wonderful, caring individuals who enhance our lives. However, instances do occur where caregivers and authority figures take advantage of and harm — emotionally, physically or sexually — innocent children and adults.

At the Heinrich Law Office, our attorney helps adults and children who have suffered serious injuries, traumas and wrongdoing at the hands of people they trusted. With almost 30 years of experience, attorney Paul Heinrich is knowledgeable about the many ways in which injuries can occur and the remedies available for victims.

We Provide Compassionate And Effective Legal Help For Victims Of Sexual Assault, Financial Exploitation And Occurrences Of Negligence And Harm

Priests, pastors, scout leaders, nursing home staff, hospital staff, teachers, coaches, day care providers — these individuals and many others are entrusted every day with our loved ones. They are entrusted to guide us through life, to teach our children, to care for our elderly. When injuries and trauma occur, entire families are left to wonder — What can we do to seek justice? What can be done to ensure that no other family has to endure this?

Our Geneva, Illinois, personal injury attorney focuses on pursuing justice and financial compensation for our injured clients' economic and noneconomic losses. We investigate what occurred and who is responsible and craft settlement demands accordingly. Please talk to us today if you or a loved one has suffered any of the following:

  • Sexual assault
  • Physical assault
  • Financial exploitation and theft
  • Breach of fiduciary duty

Discuss Your Rights And Options With Our Lawyer Serving Wheaton, Geneva And The Surrounding Areas

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