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Wrongful Convictions And False Imprisonment

Innocent people can be locked up for years due to failures in our criminal justice system. Police misconduct, inaccurate eyewitness testimony and forced false confessions are just a few examples of the problems that run rampant in our legal system.

If you were wrongly accused, wrongly convicted, falsely imprisoned and now exonerated, you probably feel like you lost many precious months or years from your life. You may feel as though you have been cheated from justice. While we cannot replace the years lost from your life, we can represent you in a civil rights lawsuit.

Talk to attorney Paul Heinrich at the Heinrich Law Office in Geneva, Illinois, today about your rights and options. Please call 630-232-1116 to schedule a free initial consultation.

More Than 25 Years Of Experience Handling Complex Criminal And Civil Matters

Criminal defense attorney Paul Heinrich devotes countless hours, energy and resources to exposing injustice and fighting for his clients. He has the capacity and resources to analyze various issues including the following to determine how a wrongful conviction was found:

  • Police intimidation and torture tactics
  • DNA evidence
  • Forced and false statements
  • Forced and false confessions
  • Wrong identification
  • Inaccurate forensic evidence
  • False witness testimony
  • False expert testimony

Attorney Paul Heinrich can build a strong case on your behalf and seek maximum financial compensation for the wrong you have suffered.

Discuss Your Next Steps With Our Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Wheaton, Geneva And The Surrounding Areas

It is time for justice to be served. The Heinrich Law Office can talk to you about your rights and options in a free initial consultation. Contact us online or call 630-232-1116 to schedule yours today.