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Secretary of State Hearings

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For more than 20 years, defense lawyer Paul Heinrich has been working to defend, protect, preserve and restore his clients' driving privileges in the state of Illinois. Our offices are in Wheaton, Geneva, and Sycamore and we have assisted hundreds of men and women in matters concerning driver privileges in the Kane, DeKalb and DuPage County courts, as well as in Cook County and most all Northern Illinois Counties.

Whether you are facing a suspension or revocation due to a DUI, too many traffic tickets, or for any other reason, you can rely on our firm to help.

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Restoring Driver's Privileges After Suspension

In most cases, attorney Paul Heinrich has been able to get full driving privileges restored for clients after a suspension or a revocation. Clients should obtain a copy of their official driving record from a Secretary of State's Drivers License Facility. The Secretary of State charges $12 for a computer printout and you must tell them it is "for court purposes."

Once you have obtained your record, call our firm and we can tell you in a free initial consultation how we can assist you.

Informal and Formal Secretary of State Administrative Hearing

There are many ways to approach driver's privilege protection, including seeking a Restricted Driving Permit through an informal or a formal hearing with the Secretary of State or through a judicial driving permit request in the courts. Repeat DUI offenders can only apply for the Restricted Driving Permit, also called a Hardship License.

You should retain an experienced attorney for any Secretary of State Administrative Hearing, whether formal or informal. As your lawyer, Paul Heinrich knows how to ask questions effectively on your behalf. He knows what questions the State asks and can prepare you and your case effectively.

Issues Before the Secretary of State

You must prove you have identified the reasons that you abused alcohol or drugs and got the DUIs and that you have addressed the issues or causes through appropriate counseling. So the main focus of the Secretary of State Administrative Hearing will be did you receive the appropriate treatment or counseling? Another issue is whether or not you are still a risk to the people of the State of Illinois if you get behind the wheel of a car? We help you develop your case through documentation and client preparation to make sure the Hearing Officer comes to the correct conclusion.

One of the hardest issues to overcome in a Secretary of State Administrative Hearing is whether or not you would suffer an undue hardship if the State continued to deny you driving privileges. We help you prove that you absolutely need to drive to get to work, to school, to the doctor, or even to get to AA meetings.

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To learn more about how lawyer Paul Heinrich can represent you at Secretary of State Administrative Hearings, call our Wheaton, Geneva, Sycamore Illinois, law office to schedule your free initial consultation: (630) 232-1116.