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Why Hire a DUI Lawyer?

Please read our summary of Common DUI Questions and Answers that assists prospective clients obtain a basic understanding of a typical first-time DUI offense. Remember that the information indicates the worst-case resolution of a typical first-time DUI. It is the starting point — you do not even need an attorney to obtain that result. You hire an attorney to work for you to improve upon it with the ultimate goal of winning the case at trial or having the case dismissed before trial.

The information is intended to help you avoid being scared by unscrupulous lawyers who know full well that first offenders are never sentenced to jail unless they kill someone or come close to it. Keep in mind, too, that the days of an attorney being able to "fix" a criminal or traffic case because he or she went to school, plays golf, or is a drinking buddy of the judge or prosecutor are long gone. To a layman a result may look miraculous — like the "fix" was in — but to an experienced attorney it may be a common, everyday resolution.

If you wish to speak to an experienced attorney about your case, please call me at your convenience. I am available in the evening and on weekends for appointments in my Geneva or Wheaton, Illinois, office.