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DUI/Drunk Driving

If you have been charged with a DUI in Kane County, DuPage County or DeKalb County, we can help. Criminal defense attorney Paul Heinrich has been fighting DUI/DWI cases for almost 30 years and knows what it takes to provide clients with the sound representation they need. At the law office of Paul Heinrich & Associates, we tailor our DUI defense strategy to achieve the most optimal result, given our client's situation. While in some cases, we fight relentlessly to have the case dismissed prior to trial, or to win at trial, in other cases it makes the most sense to concentrate our efforts on restoring a client's driving privileges after a period of suspension or revocation. In every case, we are focused on protecting our clients' rights.

The consequences of a DUI on your record and your life are too great not to have an experienced lawyer at your side. For experienced drunk driving defense representation tailored to your situation, contact Kane County DUI lawyer Paul Heinrich.

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Our Clients

The men and women whom our firm regularly represents in DUI matters are facing the loss of their driver's license, significant fines and other serious consequences, even those facing charges for first offense DUI. We have successfully represented doctors, lawyers, CEOs and other well-respected members of the community who have been arrested for drunk driving. Even judges are not immune to DUI charges.

Experienced In Fighting For DUI Clients

Attorney Paul Heinrich knows the rules and the procedures of the DUI and criminal courts. He knows the players involved in prosecuting these cases and has appeared before the judges in Kane, DuPage and DeKalb counties. He knows how to find defects in the state's case that most people wouldn't even know exist. He knows how to investigate and build a strong case in which your rights are represented. He knows when to fight drunk driving charges and when to explore plea negotiations with the prosecutor.

Reassurance Of Being Represented By Trustworthy Lawyer

Mr. Heinrich knows the DWI/DUI penalties at stake. He understands the fear many clients have as they face the risk of jail time, fines and other consequences of drinking and driving. When you hire a Kane County DUI attorney such as Paul Heinrich, you receive the peace of mind that comes with being represented by someone you can trust and who knows the law.

Keep Your Driver's Privileges After A DUI Arrest

A big concern for most DUI clients is whether they will be able to keep their license. There are strict timelines that must be adhered to in order to request a hearing to challenge the driver's Statutory Summary Suspension following a DUI arrest. It is important for you to contact our law firm immediately or as soon as possible after your DUI, so that we can begin proceedings to help you keep your license, pursue a restricted license or facilitate the reinstatement of your driver's license.

At the Kane County criminal defense firm of Paul Heinrich & Associates, we represent first offenders and repeat offenders in both criminal proceedings and administrative license proceedings.

Read our Common DUI Questions and Answers pamphlet to obtain a basic understanding of a typical first-time DUI offense.

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